How to Travel and Work at the Same Time

When it comes to life dreams, quitting your job and traveling the world for the rest of your life is right up there! Of course, for the majority of us, this stays just that. A dream.

However, what if there was a way or a few ways which you could travel and work? While the options aren’t likely to progress your career or net you a hefty savings account, there are ways for you to travel and work at the same time. If this sounds like a lifestyle you might be interested in, below are some great ways to get you started.

Start a Business

Obvious, we know. However, the importance is to start an online business with no tangible products or services. For example, if you are a part-time web developer then start an online design business where you can take on new clients and design your work anywhere you have your laptop. The Groupon Coupons page for Nordstrom works great for Nordstrom to attract new clients, so consider using the service to help your business grow as you travel. Other ideas could involve providing translating and interpreting services which could easily be completed in your own time. It doesn’t matter if these ideas aren’t for you, the tip is to consider the skills that you have and think about ways you can provide them online. Once you have a business like this, the travel options can be endless.

Teach English

If you are a native English speaker who has never left their own country then you are in for a surprise when you discover just how powerful English is to those living in countries that don’t speak with language. For this reason, there are numerous English teaching positions in a variety of schools and companies around the globe. Options include teaching online using video chat, attending a business to help improve the fluency of their staff who deal with international clients, or even at a school teaching a full-time class. If you consider yourself a grammar-perfectionist then this could be just the position you’ve been looking for!


Before you dismiss the idea with the memory of folding clothes at a thrift store or picking up trash along the highway, give it a second thought. Those who live in remote communities in developing nations can offer you a wealth of cultural knowledge and experience along with a bed to sleep in and food on the table. In return, you could complete a range of chores for them and the community they live in, such as helping them to access drinking water and sanitation, improving their framing techniques or simply helping with their current establishment, or even constructing homes to start new communities.

While they may not be the most glamorous of travel options, they can all most than adequately allow you to travel and see the world while also earning the funds to enable the trip. If you are feeling a little bit stuck at your current work or just in life and need a drastic change, travel is just the thing you’re looking for, and if you are able to fund your travel through work, then you may never have to return to that desk or cubicle again!

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Making A Living Without Having A Job – Is It Possible To Do This?

The idea of working from home is not a new one. In fact, I have met people who have been working from home since the 1970s. Some people describe this as making money without having a job, since much of what they are doing to earn a living is not from home at all. Whatever you call this, if your passion is to make a living without having a job know that this can be accomplished if you are willing to help others using the skills you already have or will work to attain.

While I was growing up I started a number of businesses with friends, including raising hamsters and gerbils for the local pet store and mowing lawns and babysitting in my neighborhood. this was the very beginning stage of my wanting to be an entrepreneur.

I also liked to write poetry and short stories, but in those days there was no way to turn that into a business. Today you would be able to publish your own writing on Amazon or Kindle and create a recurring income stream.

Take a look at what you love to do and the skills you have. What could you do that would fulfill your create spirit while also bringing in some money? A true entrepreneur is able to get creative and find a way to earn money based on passion, interests, and experience.

I have a friend who loves to arrange parties and events. This started out as a fun way to spend her time, but when her birthday parties, wedding, and other events turned out so well she decided to hang out her shingle as an event planner. Now she gets paid for what she loves to do, and other people’s lives are enriched in the process. Providing services for others is an excellent way to get started online.

Know that you can achieve any goal you set your mind to, so make the decision to use your natural skills and talents to start a business you can run from home, or from wherever you happen to be. You may also wish to learn how to do things that others will pay money for you to do for them. It might be on the Internet, or right in your own backyard. Also, remember that something you start out for fun on a part-time basis has the ability to grow into a million dollar business. Keep your eye on your goal and keep moving forward to achieve it.

Developing A Life Plan To Live Without Money

Times are tough and it got me to thinking, how would I survive without money? Do I have a life plan to survive when all sources of income are no longer available? These are some tough questions to ask one self. Just how prepared are we when tragedy strikes?

The best defense is preparing a good offense for if indeed we find ourselves without an income. You can start implementing the ideas that will help you conserve your resources and begin saving today. You do not have to wait until your family’s income is gone before you begin.

Think simple. What do you need to survive, food right? Gardening or growing your own food is how people did it before super markets came along. The ability to harvest your own crop full of free vegetables is a tremendous savings. It may not be free at first, there is that initial investment but once you get past that, you will have a blissful bounty season after season.

You can learn all about gardening through books at your free local public library. Technical advances in gardening have allowed people to grow more even if space is limited by using the square foot gardening method. You can also grow vegetables in large containers, and buckets.

There are many benefits to gardening. It is not only fun but is also a form of physical activity. You get a certain joy when you are eating food that you have grown your self. Get your children involved by letting them help to plant seeds and pull weeds. This is an excellent way to teach them about responsibility and contributing to the family. Planting a garden now will help you to survive later should your family income disappear. Gardening will help you build both skills and memories for a lifetime.

People from days of old knew how to get by with very little because they understood the concept of preserving. You simply save and use what you have. People applied this concept to food by canning and freezing the excess, mainly the leftover from their harvest. Canning is not just limited to vegetables. You can also can soups, stews, and even meats. This will serve you well for when there is little money to buy food. Once again, you can use your local library to research more on canning. There are even free resources such as that will give you free canning supplies.

Depending on where you live, homesteading can really help in becoming self-sufficient. Having a chicken and a rooster will provide you with eggs that you can eat or sell. Livestock is not always feasible if you live in the city but the benefits of raising your own chickens to gather your own eggs are much greater when you do not have an income.

What did people do to get what they wanted before currency came along? They traded things, also known as bartering. You simply exchange a good or a service you wanted for something else you want. A good example of this would be fixing your neighbor’s car in exchange for food from his garden.

There is a website called “One Red Paper” where this one person traded a red paper clip all the way up to getting a house. You can check out the amazing story yourself. It just goes to show what you can do when you look for ways to be creative. A word of caution though, just be smart when bartering and do keep a record of your transaction. Just because you are not using money does not mean you are exempt from your taxes. Uncle Sam will still want to know how you acquire your stuff.

It is a very scary thought to many to have to think about surviving with little or no money. However, when push comes to shove we do need to find a way to survive. I hope that none of us have to experience such hardship but the truth be known there are many who have no choice. If we do not develop a life plan to live without money now, we may find ourselves as another victim instead of being a victor in life’s situations.